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This is a list of tools that may be useful or silly. Feel free to use them to your hearts content.


Paste a hex sequence once and hit search. Tabs will open automatically searching Github and Google for various different formats of your input like “00010203”, “00 01 02 03”, “0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03”.


Fast interactive 2D water simulation implemented in WebAssembly. Use touch screen or mouse to create droplets.


Scan for HTTP servers listening on port 80. Must be access using HTTP:


A really simple implementation of using WebAssembly to parse PCAP files in a “Wirehark” style interface. Quick and dirty.


Same as above, but cleaner and implements pDiff which allows for performing differential analysis on a PCAP file for RE purposes, all within your browser.


Have you ever wanted to load an arbitrary file and view every 3 bytes as an RBG color? Well now you can! Effectively a really, really crappy version of

Get Tilted

Allows you to select an image file and rotate it by an arbitrary number of degrees with a transparent background. Useful for making people “tilted” in comment threads by replying with images that are steadily 3-5 degees off kilter.